Roon Renewal - some observations on "value for money"

I’ve used Roon for just short of a year and so my renewal will be coming up shortly. I decided upon Roon as, at the time, it seemed to be the only way that I could I could use Qobuz with DSP on a Raspberry Pi connected endpoint.

I’ve made a decision to reduce, and eventually remove, Qobuz. This will leave me with a local library, supplemented by a family Spotify account for “trial” listening of new material. I feel passionately that I should support artists by purchasing music that I like. It’s probably a fairly old fashioned view, but there you have it.

With my listening set up, I could run by headphone rig directlty from my Windows PC. As I’ll no longer need Qobuz, this opens up other options re:software. Added to this is the fact that Moode Audio (which I used to use) now features Camilla DSP - so full PEQ via a Raspberry Pi4 has become a possibility.

During my week of annual leave I have combined family time with “audio experimental time”! I’ve tried various options, including re-looking at Moode. I’m conscious that I don’t need Roon anymore, not in the way that I did 12 months ago.

But here’s the thing. Nothing that I’ve tried even comes close to the experience of using Roon. Yes, I’m fortunate, Roon works faultlessly for me - so that helps. Despite not using a number of the features of Roon I’ve reached the conclusion that I will be renewing. Is it value for money? At the start of the week I was questioning this, particularly in light of my changing pattern of usage. But now, as the week draws to a close, I can confidently say that (for me) it most definitely is. Here’s to another 12 months.


Like the old saying: once you use Roon you can never go back. xD


I bought into Roon to use it with a local library, without any desire to stream. So, I’d say yes. Streaming integration is just one use of Roon, not the only use of Roon, or even, imho, THE use of Roon.

I currently have a Qobuz account, but, really only for the HD music discounts.