Roon Review in The Absolute Sound

A pretty positive review of Roon in the latest print edition of the Absolute Sound. (Sorry there is no online link available.)

They don’t like the lack of a manual and provide a lot of setup and how to use details.

They like the sound quality but though the sub-title of the article touts Roons rich metadata there is almost no discussion of that, no mention of focus or discover and how the rich metadata is really used and made available and enhances your music collection. Only a brief mention of the Tidal integration as well.

To me reads more like a review of a traditional music player and misses what is really special about Roon. Shame the Roon we know did not really get out there to a wider group.


Thanks for posting this. I’ve had my latest TAS issue for a few days, but was savouring it, and had not gotten to the review. Having read it now, I think your “review of the review” is spot on. I suppose the only thing I’d add is that they appear to be unhappy about the price. Why else would they have mentioned it multiple times, even mentioning it in the last few sentences.

At least the reviewer stated that it “you get a lot for the money.

Absolutely right. Almost has me tempted to write a letter to the editior, which I have never done.

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