Roon Rock 1.7 Image

With the launch of Roon 1.7, is the Rock image available for download already updated to said version?

If it isn’t, I would assume you could just update the software after you install ROCK.

Cheers, Greg

Thanks Greg. I ask because I have some broadband restrictions (since my system is in a rural area). So I would prefer to download a whole new image (taking advantage of my internet connection in my house in the city), and restore the backup, than doing an internet update.

Understood. I’m tagging @mike to confirm.

Cheers, Greg

I had the blue box notification this morning. I let the ROCK update to 1.7. It had to do a library scan after the reboot. But, it’s working good!
I’m happy they added the ability to add lyrics to files Roon wasn’t able to resolve. I added a “Lyrics” extended tag and pasted in lyrics that also had the timing info. The lyrics work perfectly :grinning: Yay!

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Hi I have been watching the download progress bar for the last 20 min and it ain’t moving. I am on version 1.6 build 416 upgrading to 1.7 build ?.

Did it take a very long time? like hours to download and install?
I have fast internet with LAN cables.

I got it to work!! First I had to reboot to make my ROCK start the update, then I had to restart the Roon Server Software to restart the download. From there it was full throttle and it was finished in about 4 min.

I upgraded my ROCK box in about 3 minutes this morning. The process couldn’t have been easier.

Even with my slow (5mbits) rural broadband, the update took about 10min, all in.

you has to be lucky guys as my NUC-ROCK is checking for update since more then one hour and doesn’t move… the Roon in the pc (that I don’t use) has been updated in few minutes, but the ROCK no…

Hi Paolo

Have you tried going to the Roon OS web UI page and doing a reboot or a restart of the RoonServer software?

See here:

Ciao Mark,

thanks a lot :slight_smile: … I’ve done some reboot/restart ( Melius est abundare quam deficere :laughing:) and now it’s downloading the ROCK update :handshake:

let’s wait…

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Ok… (well… NOT ok :frowning: ) after more then 8 hours the situation is still like this:

It has downloaded something after the reboot/restart dance and then stopped in that situation, no changes, the internet connection is stable and fast…

What should I do ? WTF :confounded:

ok… after another restart - reboot it finally downloaded the new release and installed successfully

I have the same problem!
Is there any .img file we can download?

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