Roon Rock 10i7FNH Bios help

Hi guys after etcher step. I plug my usb into nuc and run and press f10 to choose device to boot but when I press enter it keep refresh at this page. Please help

Trying to configure the bios but I can’t select my nvme as boot option 1 please help. What do I need for boot option 2?

My storage is enabled but not showing in boot option

my nvme and ssd is newly installed today. Please help guys cant make it work.

It looks as though your BIOS is still in EUFI mode. It has to be switched to Legacy mode in order for ROCK to install. See this Intel help article:

Maybee this can help you:

hi guys i finally done. But after i input the codec and restart the core its still not “OK”. Please help.

any advice on this?

The KB is really helpful actually! :wink:
But, get rid of the ffmpeg-folder alltogether and ONLY put the static build of “ffmpeg” (the file of about 78mb, no extension) in the codecs-folder. Restart your Core and you’ll be okay.


great thanks. works.

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need 1 more help. How can i input my local music files into the rock? under \ROCK\ which folder?

Step 1 is to format the Internal Music Storage by clicking the Format button you see on the Web Administration page.

Step 2 is to read this article:

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thanks all working fine now. But Arc got issue. Sigh.