Roon ROCK and HiFi Rose RS150 - best way to connect


I have Roon ROCK on Intel NUC6i5SYH with Samsung SSD EVO M2 256GB SSD for RoonOS.
Couple weeks ago I bought Rose RS150.
Earlier in Roon ROCK I had 2TB SSD Samsung only for music files. Now I moved it to Rose RS150.
Now I have problems with connection stability. When I try to play some music by Roon Remote on Rose, there are problems with connection. I have comunicate - connection is to weak between Rose and ROCK. When I play the same file by Rose app on Rose RS150, there is no problem.
Please tell me, what is the best solution in my way? Roon ROCK with internal SSD hardrive with music files and Rose like Roon endpoint or Roon ROCK and Rose RS150 with internal SSD with music files.
How connection looks like beetwen Rose and Roon when SSD with music is in Rose and how it looks like when SSD with music files is in ROCK. Both are connected by ethernet cat6 cables to AmplifiHD router and both has static IP.

Go into your switch / AmplifiHD and lock the port to 1000MB / Full-duplex and identify if that helps at all.

AmplifiHD hasn’t this option…

I would buy a new switch :slight_smile:

Is there a reason you just don’t move the drive back to Core and then share it to Rose? (not sure Rose supports this). Maybe Rose is just a terrible file server.

Question is, how looks like “playing process”? When I click play on Roon Remote what RoonOS does with music file? Does a music file is transfer to ROCK from Rose and then play by Rose or ROCK send a command to Rose and play it direct from Rose?

Core is always in the path and Rose is “Roon Ready” which means its using (or should be if you enabled it correctly) RAAT. RAAT is Roon’s own local streaming protocol to get the bitstream (PCM or DSD) to the streamer.

Rose – SMB → Core – RAAT → Rose --Analog–> Stereo

Actually, I’m going to expand this a bit:

Remote -> Core -- SMB --> Rose -- SMB --> Core -- RAAT --> Rose --Analog--> Stereo

Your remote is interacting with Core and when you hit “play” on a file that lives on a network share then Roon goes and retrieves the file data and then sends it to the streamer / endpoint.

It doesn’t make sense to put your SSD into the RS150, when you’re using Roon.
Rose is not able to implement SMB V2 or V3 in there streamers (and also no DLNA client) and so the network traffic is slow and unsecure.

I think You have right. Rose has bad network server. I’ll move SSD to ROCK again.

Agree with others it makes no sense to put the music drive that Roon uses on the playback machine your adding more network hops than you need and it’s not designed to be a server to external devices.

Make sure you have a backup of the music files before moving the SSD back to ROCK. It may insist on formatting the drive before use. You will have to copy the music files back to it if this happens.

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I had a HiFi Rose RS150 for just under a year. As stated above the RS150 has a poor network server only uses SMB1 and no DLNA client. I bought a Roon Nucleus as the RS150 software was poor at the time (it still maybe) and wanted to use Roon. I copied my music files off the RS150 to my computer, then transferred the hard drive from the RS150 into the Nucleus (Nucleus reformatted it) and finally copied my music files to the Nucleus. The RS150 is more usable with Roon.

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I moved back SSD to Roon ROCK. After copying the entire library the problem with connection stability disapeared. Regards


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