Roon Rock Download Extremely Slow/Quits

I am nearing the end of my trial and liking Roon. I had been running with a PC as a Core.

I am trying to download Roon Rock to install it on an approved NUC I have…but the connection from the server is painfully if not impossibly slow. At current pace- if it stays connected, and it has gone down twice, the 192 mb will take 11 hours.

It is not my internet connection, firewall etc. That is all working fine. Getting over 100 MBPS.

I am using the link within the Roon Knowledge base. Is there another location to get this file? Kind of unfathomable if that is normal and the only option. Any insight is appreciated.

Thank you.

I just tried the link in Roon Knowledge base took about 10 secs

Bizarre thanks, and now it is working for me too… nevermind! :wink: