Roon ROCK & Internal Storage

Just setup a new Roon ROCK. Everything setup just fine. Then I went to check the ROCK’s internal storage and it wasn’t showing up in Roon’s settings. I am using a 2 TB Samsung 970 M.2 SSD. Since the ROCK installation guide said that M.2 was fine for setting up a ROCK, that is what I thought I could use for internal storage. Checking the web UI, I don’t see anything other than the listing for Roon Database and Settings and that it sees that I have storage. But no reference to Internal Storage and nothing on Roon’s settings page. Do I need to add an internal SSD to a SATA port?

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Yes you do (or add an external drive via USB). The m.2 SSD is used solely for Roon OS and the Roon software. It must not be used for music storage.

My suggestion would be to get a second m.2 SSD (128GB is more than sufficient), and reinstall ROCK on that. Put your existing 2TB SSD in an external USB housing then you can use that for your music…


Thank you so much for the confirmation. I appreciate the fast response. It is a shame I somehow missed that the M.2 SSD couldn’t be used as internal storage. No matter, I will follow your suggestion.

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Or, install the proper SSD internally for your music and put the M.2 in a USB connected case for Roon backups (or just leave it for your Roon system).

Thank you all for your suggestions. Got a 250GB M.2 SSD and put the 2 TB M.2 SSD into an external enclosure and plugged it into the ROCK via USB. I am curious whether the attached screenshot is accurate. My Mac is saying I don’t have permission to open the folder. Although I can drag and drop from a folder directly to Roon, I can’t drag and drop to a folder via SMB.



Did you re-format the 2TB drive once it was in the external enclosure?

Yes. As a FAT 32 partition.

The recommendation is to use ExFAT or EXT4 - try one of these to see if that resolves your permission issue.

Thank you Geoff. I got my 2,500 albums loaded by dragging and dropping straight onto Roon which worked just fine. I am not about to blow everything out and redo it when it is working just fine right now.

But Thank you for the reply and if I do redo it 1 day, I will taker your advice.


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