Roon ROCK itself renames files

Why does Roon ROCK rename files in my library ?
For example:

I’m sure the problem is obvious to you but could you explain that a bit more please, thanks.

Hey @Marcin_Batkowski,

Roon does not edit your files themselves, so you shouldn’t be seeing any changes in your files coming from Roon. Can you give us a little more detail about what was changed here?


Is that screen capture from a SMB mount of a ROCK folder? ROCK is Linux-based. Linux filenames can contain characters that SMB does not like for filenames. Instead, SMB creates a synthetic filename to refer to the file with the offending name. The original filename is not changed, just how SMB refers to the file.

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This is the view in my MS Windows 10 Roon Rock data location:
The file contained special characters (for example: ‘’)
I think that was a problem

That explains it. WIndows mounts the remote filesystem via SMB, and SMB generates aliases for remote filenames that contain forbidden characters. The remote filesystem is not changed.

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