Roon Rock on Ropieee Endpoint Touchscreen issue

Headphones work, except the touch screen show connection error. This is my second RPI 4B w/ 4 gb on a display. The first display works perfectly connected to Project Digital S2. New one is connected to AudioEngine D1. Naming appears to be correct. Endpoint enabled ( it works). Multiple reloads of Ropieeexl and reboots of the RPI and the Rock produce the same results. I closely followed the setup of the RPI with the Project Digital and still get Connection error on display. What am I missing?

Is the extension paired and enabled?

It is enabled. Not sure I follow the term paired. The names match exactly and it functions perfectly with the exception of the 7" touchscreen.

You can close this one. Everything I seemed to read informed me the settings were under settings/audio. I forgot that extensions was a separate category. I am good.