Roon Rock - Possible to store database on external drive?

I’m installing Roon Rock on a 7i7 NUC which has 16GB Optane Memory installed.
I would like to install the ROCK OS on the optane memory and I’ve read on here that it works well.
My question is can I store the database on a external drive / SD Card? If yes, what would I need to configure to do this?


This is not a standard option.

With ROCK, you cannot. ROCK is designed to work in its own, appliance-like way. Even if you were to modify the system – all changes would be reverted at reboot.

To do what you are after, you will need to install a (minimal) Linux distro of your own choice and install/config Roonserver by hand, modify the easy installer script or use symlinks after the default install.

Thanks for your replies.
I installed ROCK on the 16GB Optane Memory without a problem.
Shows 46% of 9 GB available. Will migrate to a larger capacity optane when needed.