ROON ROCK settings

Since the last update, Roon Rock continues to play other musicfiles randomly after the end of the selected CD. (But maybe I have activated this myself by mistake). I would like to turn this off, but I can’t find the setting.

Who can help me?

Many greetings

Turn of Roon radio in your play queue for each zone.

This has been a feature since day 1 as far as I know ,its ON by default

It has a tendancy to reset and renable itself on updates I have found, annoyingly.

This has to be configured for each Endpoint - there was a feature request to globally disable Roon Radio for all endpoints, but not sure where it went.
It would of got my vote, at the time, as I want to select what I listen to and went.
I don’t have a robot that selects an LP, places it on the turntable platter and cues it up.