Roon ROCK via USB to ML585 issue

Hi guys,

I am trying to connect my Roon ROCK (NUC7I7BNH) via USB to my Mark Levinson No.585, but when I plug in the USB cable, no available USB audio devices pop up with the Roon settings. I can’t seem to connect via USB at all.

I have tried connecting a Windows 8 laptop to the ML585 (requires driver) and that seems to work fine. I have also connected the ROCK via USB to both my PS Audio DAC and my Lampizator B7 DAC, and both are recognised in Roon without an issue - the available audio device pops up almost immediately.

So both devices are working with other devices, but not together.

I’ve contacted Mark Levinson, and they say the USB only support WIndows and MacOS, not Linux (seems odd to me!).

The Levinson’s USB input board/chip is a CMedia CM6632 if that helps.

Thanks in advance for any tips or troubleshooting pointers.

ROCK uses the Linux kernel. This will not work unless they support Linux.

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