Roon rocks, it really does

Roon is indeed the best - the best ever - fantastic. Keep up the incredible work. And don’t ever sell the company please unless whomever buys agrees to leave you alone forever! And just send cash for you to make Roon better.


Gotta agree, Roon just works. It is beautiful and very straightforward to use. I really love the possibility to use phone and laptop as a remote and the full screen album art is just perfect. Actually those features were those I always missed with other players I have used.

Keep up good work! :slight_smile:

Being new to Roon and this forum, the first thing I wanted to find was a place where I could express my very favorable reaction to Roon so far. ROON REALLY DOES ROCK! (My boat at any rate).

I run a NAD C390DD with BluOS module as my main 2.1 system as well as 3 Raspberry Pi’s with various HiFiBerry HAT’s. To date, I was driving the NAD with its own controller app, and was using sofrware components from to drive the Pi’s. There I used Logitech Media Server on a dedicated Ubuntu Linux server and the SqueezeCtrl Android app from Angry Goat. This worked not badly, but it did have the penalty of having two systems to keep up to date.

I am also a recent Tidal subscriber. (Consider myself an audiophile with average financial resources).

Now with Roon, I have the core running on a Win10 laptop and all 4 of my players can be driven flawlessly from the single Roon Android app. When I do a search or play a genre, Roon presents results derived from my own NAS integrated with Tidal results almost as though there was no seam between them.

I’ve looked for alternatives along the way such as Volumio (was there also one called Rune? One system to drive them all?), but could never find something that addressed all my needs better than the split personality I’ve been using as described above.

No doubt I will encounter things along the way that I might like to see done differently, but at moment I couldn’t be happier!

Kudos to Roon for finally delivering. Roon is so good, it is the first Software as a Service (SAAS) that has been sufficiently capable to pursuade me to subscribe.