Roon ropieee and DIRAC?

Hello guys!

I have roon,raspberry as end point,dirac and hijack audio.

I am tryting to find a way to make this work. any thoughts?!

Also unfortunatelly my macbook pro makes clicks and pops in sound. Is very annoying.


I’m using RPi3 powered by RoPieee, USB to Pro-Ject Pre Box S2 Digital DAC, RCA to a vintage Technics SU-8600 amp, and a miniDSP DDRC24 with Dirac Live connected inbetween the amp’s PRE-OUT and MAIN IN connectors. Core is Roon ROCK running on a NUC7i7. Works great for a modest budget.
Edit: Speakers are the mighty Technics SB-7000.

That is a WOW! I know those speakers quite well. Never owned a pair, but I owned the SU-8600 once. Did you do anything to the cross overs?

No, I’m just using room correction.
I bought the pair of SB-7000 originally in 1978 and sold them about 10 years later.
I was lucky to find a pair in excellent condition in Germany recently.

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I believe new capacitors, same values, would do wonders for the speaker. Maybe change the main inductor in the bass low pass too.
Still own a pair of EAS10TH1000 ‘Leaf’ tweeters from the same period. Haven’t used them for some time though…

@Nick_Vas unfortunately Dirac won’t let you export filters so Roon’s excellent convolver can’t be used. The only way seems to be @seagull’s method or an amplifier with Dirac Live built in.

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They are sounding pretty good. I can compare them to the Dali Opticon 8’s.

Below the RPi3, miniDSP and Pro-Ject Pre Box S2 Digital.

As the roon don’t support vst i use hijack audio.

Does the hijack audio can send music to ropieee?!

I am not familiar with hijack so I wouldn’t know. Probably worth asking in the Ropieee section of Audio Products.

Nice stack! RS-1500 too?

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Another option is the minidsp shd. It measures extremely well and does dirac as well. You can use the usb/coax/toslink input. Works very well.

Yes i am thinking of it a long time. But i must shell the hegel amp and the 851n.

Also i don’t know if it will be an downgrade taking the shd with another power amp…lets say nc500.

Ps: does the ropieee and dietpi have the same usb power output?! Or i must chnage something for the max usb performance?!