Roon running through CA Azur 851N

Trying to figure out if i need to use sample rate conversion from Roon when streaming through MacBook Pro via USB Audio to Azur 851N.
Moreover Azur 851N is supposed to upsample to 24bit 192Khz when using USB audio input, however the rate displayed on the screen is almost always 44.1Khz PCM. Is this the media original sample rate before upsampling?

Advice welcome.
Peter S.

Welcome to the community, @Peter_Sabbagh!

I believe the 851N upsamples all sources to 384kHz 24bit, so it’s likely that you’re seeing the source file details in the display.

As with Chord DACs there’s little merit using sample rate conversion in Roon with this device.

Thank you Martin, this clears my doubts on the subject. Very helpful indeed.
In fact as a general knowledge i find the sound less digitized and more natural than when sampling from Roon.

P. S.

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One more question to whoever knows best.
When sélecting an output device i can see the USB Core Audio on 851N and Roon Ready 861N device. Which one would give a better Audio output. Does the Roon Ready output run through the USB input of 851N or through WiFi or AirPlay. Noting that when choosing Roon Teady device i get an output of 384Khz.