Roon running very slowly. Unusable - What can I do?


If you have not made any significant changes there’s not much to lose by restoring your database backup … but first I would try reinstalling the Roon application.

I’ll leave a tag for @support to follow up with you, they may wish to look at your logs file.

Thanks so you mean delete Roon from Programs and features in Control Panel and then download again>>?? the new installation will find my old settings and history / albums /playlists etc ??


Yes, that’s correct. Your settings / database will be intact when you reinstall.

Since it sounds like this worked great in the past I do wonder if this is the first stages of a hardware issue. I’ve experienced similar problems when hard drives / SSDs are starting to fail. Basically the OS goes into an I/O wait state and hangs because the drive can’t satisfy the read request.

Hi Keith,

Is Windows fully updated ? Sometimes mine gets cranky when there is an update to be installed. This usually resolves with a restart though.

If it still behaves the same after you’ve reinstalled Roon and used the backup, then I’d suspect it’d be a HDD failure. See if you can use some freeware to get a S.M.A.R.T. HDD test report.

I had the same problem. I uninstalled Roon Remote, use CCleaner to make sure there are no remaining stray files, rebooted the PC, then reinstalled Roon again. Same problem! Roon Remote running fine in Android so I know the problem is not the core.

After a while the firewall pop up from nowhere requesting for access. I click to allow Private access and it runs great after that. This sluggishness has something to do with the firewall.

Edit 1:
I turned off the firewall and antivirus and it is still very slow. I see other threads also with Windows 10 having the same problem. Need @support for help.

Edit 2:
Uninstalled Roon again, use CCleaner, rebooted and installed the 32 bit version of Roon this time. So far, everything is flawless. I am using 64 bit Windows 10 and I am having problems on the 64 bit Roon version.

Thanks for your help, am playing around looking at all options…it is software related…other programmes run fine.

I did find I needed to Update Windows that helped for a while but…problematic , can still occasionally run slowly

Perhaps this:

Doing it again, Unusable. I was away on holiday for 3 weeks came back switched system on. Roon running slow as hell. Very simple I just have Roon Core on a newish ASUS PC i5 Windows Pro etc. Task manager performance shows plenty of RAM CPU usage spare. The ASUS is plugged into my NAD M51 DAC . Tidal App plays fine, but too slow through Roon. Other music players play my 2Tb of music on external USB harddrive fine…Roon will not load albums…if I uninstall Roon and download again …will it automatically find all my playlists etc…I backed up a month agao…

Hi @kjwho ---- Thank you for the update and sharing your feedback with us. I am sorry to hear that the issue has persisted.

Moving forward, here is what I would recommend. If the backup you have is from a point when Roon was behaving as expected I think it would be a good idea to temporarily test with that DB in place to see how things behave. I wouldn’t completely uninstall Roon just yet because that would force you to start completely fresh. May I very kindly to please give the following procedure a shot:

Let me know how things function with the restore in place.

Happened about a month ago , got better now will not load pages.

i5 Asus computer with Roon Core on it, plugged into my DAC by either HDMI or Optical. Windows 10 Pro 64. 2 Tb of music on USB external drive. Other music players read it fine. I have had Roon since you started up. Pleae let’s not get into the …it’s your hardware game. Everything else runs fine on this relatively new PC.

Can I try to just delete Roon and install it again or will that lose all my playlists and Tidal history etc.??

Hi Keith,

[quote=“kjwho, post:1, topic:25080”]
Please let’s not get into the …it’s your hardware game. Everything else runs fine on this relatively new PC
[/quote]Unfortunately hardware performance is important … just three questions here:

  1. How much RAM is fitted.
  2. Does it have a HDD or SDD fitted?
  3. How much storage space is free?

Also have a look at What are the minimum requirements?

[quote=“kjwho, post:1, topic:25080”]
Can I try to just delete Roon and install it again or will that lose all my playlists and Tidal history etc.??
[/quote]If you have backed up the Roon Database you can completely uninstall and remove all the Roon folders.
Then reinstall Roon and restored the database.
Have a look at How do I move my Roon library to a new computer? which will guide you though the process.

Before all of that I assume you have stopped and restarted Roon.

Thanks Carl.

8Gb of RAM
500 Gb HDD with 300 Gb spare

i5 Asus Desktop Vivo MINI PC. Interesting thing is I have about a dozen computers. Nine of them at my Dental Practice run very big databases with lots of 3D imaging and hi res Radiographs. Quite a few of those PCs are less powerful and older than my Asus stereo PC, but they run quick. Roon opens and is fast on my other 2 home computers so I can use them as remotes. The only slow computer is the Stereo PC with Roon on it , and even it is only slow trying to use Roon.

Still as I say I open it up and use another computer as remote or listen toTIDAL or J River or Windows Media Player.They work fine. It’s not the end of the world.

It does seem to me to be a conflict with some Windows Updates. Is a bit better this week than last week. See what happens :slight_smile:

Thanks Eric, am just sitting back and seeing what happens. Can use Roon if I use another computer as a remote, it’s only slow on this one machine. Will go through your suggested procedure when I have the time. In meantime having a walk down memory lane with Windows Media Player. Tidal solo also fun. Cheers, Keith

Hi @kjwho ---- Touching base with you to confirm what graphics card is being used in the Asus desktop? As Peter pointed out in his post, we have seen issues tied to the Intel HD 4000 GPU with one of Windows’ most recent updates.

If you are indeed using an Intel HD 4000 graphics card, the work around currently (as reported by other users) are to either A) roll back to a previous update or B) Try using the 32 bit version of Roon as TopQuark points out above.


YES …I do have the Intel HD 4000…I guess that is it. So what to do??..unistall Roon …then download and install 32 bit version…how do I make sure it finds my playlists and history albums etc?

Thanks so much, Keith

Hi @kjwho ----- Thank you for following up and confirming that information for me. I will be reaching out to you via PM momentarily with instructions.


I’ve found a temporary solution to this problem, and It’s as simple as reinstalling the graphics driver from the Intel site. They provide an utility to download and install their latest drivers. After rebooting Roon will begin to work as it should, at least until Windows drivers take its place again, after any other restart. It"s far from perfect But it"s a solution.

Thanks will have a play. Bit of a problem if I have to do this after evry restart. I tend to switch off each night.