Roon Runs Slow On Desktop PC

It came from the Roon Knowledge Base. See
Page last changed Thu Apr 14 2016

Seems that needs an update.

Maybe I should have asked the question here in the forums rather than relying on the Roon Knowledge Base.

Well it seems it’s less prone to one major issue.


When it comes to hardware, it is hard to stay updated as hardware changes so often.

It did seem strange that you were recommending a product only available 2nd hand. Maybe you need to flag some pages similar to that one in the knowledge base as needing to be revised say every 6 months or so. Also making it clear you preference Apple over Android would help. The wording on that page gave me the impression you used Android.

By the way, it runs well on my Samsung Galaxy Note 8 128Mb.

yah… very old page.

i did that too when i changed that page.

We used to. Now we only use Android phones because the tablet world of Android is a mess.

How small is insanely small for Core? x albums, y tracks

Are there any limits when using 32-bit for Control only?

I wonder if it could be the intel driver is 32bit and thus might have some issues in a 64 bit setting…note I’m no software coder so this is pure and simple a stab in the dark. I have also not seen this first hand but do recall the 32bit roon app was a go to fix for some time now.