Roon’s database features are indispensable

What DB features specifically? I am genuinely interested, as I primarily just want to find stuff and play it back… I shouldn’t have asked, it’s off topic.

If you just want that, then paying for Roon is like buying a Ferrari for grocery shopping. I have absolutely no idea why people do this. The streaming service apps or audio gear manufacturer apps let you search for an album and play it just fine.

Some of the reasons the streaming service apps don’t work for me and why I purchased Room:

  • Fine-grained ratings and not just favorite yes/no. There are many reasons for why I might want to remember an album, and wanting to remember it does not make it a favorite. Conversely, if I look for my real favorites, I don’t want them cluttered with albums I found noteworthy for other reasons.
  • Metadata editing. Not all metadata is correct, and not all of the music in my library has any metadata at all, typically more obscure bands that are not from US or UK. In fact, even mainstream content from other countries frequently has none
  • Focus to drill down, like “albums engineered by x between 1980 and 1990”, and so on
  • Tags and bookmarks for my personal stuff: bands I saw live, albums that person y recommended, covers that I like or hate. Books that an album was mentioned in. And so on, it’s endless
  • Clicking on credits and quickly finding other works by this person, plus some bio info right there without having to google. Made me realize lots of connections between bands/musicians/engineers/etc that I was not aware of

But the shopping still needs to be done, irrespective of your transportation choice.

Even if not as often as the rest of us, Ferrari owners need to eat too!

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Sure, and some people may find the Ferrari to be more enjoyable for the shopping too, at least as long as it’s a Purosangue :wink: Nothing wrong with this either. But it would then be odd to complain “I don’t know why I am paying for these fine leather seats, 12 cylinder sound, and 650 HP, none of this is necessary for getting the milk and eggs”, is all I’m saying :slight_smile:

Not at all, I like leather seats, and it’s still a car… but this is silly and detracting from the thread. @moderators feel free to split out.

Well yes, but I had originally replied to the other guy saying “I am wondering why to pay Roon and Tidal for same music”. Which he isn’t, he is paying for the nicer seats so to speak, and it’s a waste if he does not need or want them, but this is not a problem of the Roon product but a problem of using/buying the right product for one’s needs.

Done, posts split out to new topic.


The library features are nice additions but not indispensable. I choose Roon mainly for multiroom then the library integration. I certainly wouldn’t choose Roon for just simple searching as it’s not very good at it. Not a use user of Focus but I do you use it from time to time and I like being able to group all the different releases of albums under one entry makes it all neater.

I’ve seen so many people say this like it’s something new and never previously available. Logitechmediaserver has had multi-room capability since around 2003, whether synching playback or each endpoint playing something else.

Yes I had that before Roon but it’s not as good or elegant as Roons , the apps are not great and it requires different app across OS systems and only worked with Logitech kit or a pi at the time.

I would say that depends on the person and their use, no? They are indispensable to me and the only reason I use Roon. With Roon, it’s the first time I see a chance of properly managing my digital library. And it’s nothing to do with searching, I posted examples above

This split-out thread is missing the original context of my first reply (or rather, to see it you have to unfold the quote in the OP), which was to a user saying that they don’t know why they are paying for Roon

I know exactly why I am paying for it.

+1 I’m with you.
Beside the streaming/local library integration (number one) and the multiroom feature, I will add the DSP options as the main reasons I like Roon.


Simon, yes, as do I. Which is why I wrote “For others like me, Roon’s database features are indispensable”. And repeated the same thing in my previous reply, along with “I would say that depends on the person and their use, no?”

It was a statement about me and my use. It felt as if you were replying to me because you used the same word, indispensable. Apologies if this was a misunderstanding.

I appreciate if it isn’t for you and I never made a statement about you. The fact that it isn’t for you does not change that these features are indispensable for me.

It’s good that Roon can be different things for different people.

Anyways, the whole statement I made only makes sense in the context of the post I originally replied to. This split-out thread (with a title leaving out the crucial qualifier, “for me”) is best left to die

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Sorry wasn’t trying to start an argument about in. Roon is many things to many people and I am not going to take that away from anyone. I was just responding to the title. I love Roon has this database and what you can do with it, but for me its not the primary reason I keep paying for it.

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I see, the title is a bit misleading because it was split off another thread where this little side discussion was off-topic. Sorry for any confusion caused, it all made a bit more sense in the original context :slight_smile:

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