Roon Search history - easy to improve

The current history of search is messy. It memorizes the last selection (result) of the last search. It it would memorize the last search itself, one step before, it would be so much useful !
Because if you go back to history, it is most likely as you did not find what you wanted with the result of the last search…
Comments welcome on this suggestion - that thread should be simple, and the implementation of the change as well, dear Roon programmers.

I’m not a fan that my history of searches is tied to single client session. They don’t carry over from client to client and they don’t survive a reset of the client. I would think having a central server serving music - things like search history would not only carry over from client to client - but would remain as a “history”.

Dan, Multi-client or multi-sessions is another level of history. I have no particular claim as I have no experience on such history use, as I do not use streaming, I use my own library.
But in this use, the history is often required, also because the Roon database of records ripped from CDs of various origins (often on iTunes) or downloaded from Internet music providers is not always fully consistently filled, and searches are frequently much more difficult than they should be. This is another route of improvement for Roon - and a more difficult one obviously.

My suggestion for this thread is simple - and I doubt it involves making changes to more than a few lines of code for Roon programmers. I think it is a no-brainer and I would be glad to have feedback from them about it.

My suggestion is to improve the history of searches by keeping history of the search questions not of the search answers, given that these answer results can be obtained again from repeating the question. Besides, memorizing those is useless if the results have been used for playing, in that case they are already in the play history.

Example: if I I look for say Mendelssohn and then for Felix Mendelssohn I get different results but in the history the result of the search only is stored, whereas it would be simple to get back to Mendelssohn and simply add Felix, rather than having to edit out a result that can be a particular record only named by the conductor and the orchestra’s name.