Roon Search Overhauled [2021-12]

…and now, one day later, the search is working fine. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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solar flares.
That is my excuse for everything I can’t explain.

May it serve you well. :slight_smile:


An ampersand seems to cause issues that I wouldn’t have expected from a cloud based algorithm.

This album seems only to be found because there is a track with “and”on it in its title - itself impressive - but the lack of parsing “&” as “and” and running a parallel search for this seems awry.

Top hit in Spotify


Come on John why would this quirk surprise you about Roon search ? It’s got an opinionated view of how you should search like pretty much everything else it does. :joy_cat:

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Just searched for an album in my collection

This one.

Roon didn’t make it the top find something not in my library with the correct album at number 10 in the albums returned.

Really don’t think search has matured at all and still returns stuff that’s not relevant. Which makes the only online nature of 2.0 harder to swallow.

Gonna have to agree with you on that one.

Have the album “Them Crooked Vultures” by “Them Crooked Vultures” in my library.

When I search for “Them Croked Vultures” - I know I ommitted a single character - it doesn’t yield even a single result:

What bothers me here is that it’s a very common scenario:

  • You know what you’re searching for, you know how to spell it, but you typed it slightly wrong
  • You know what you’re search for, you don’t exactly know how to spell it, so you typed it wrong
  • You don’t know what you’re searching for, so you arbitrarily typed something on good luck

Was thinking, do I really have to click the search my library only for search to work to find stuff I have. Apparently yes I do a it found Mazi Mazi first go when its looking at my library only. Is it hard to really put library material as first choices?

I seem to remember that in one of the posts in this thread it was said that the assumption was that most likely the user would want to find things that are not in the library. This would make it a deliberate choice not to put library results first.

Then I wanted to find this post but the forum search doesn’t find any posts with “library” and “first” in this thread, although at least your post contains these terms. That’s a bit funny in the context :slight_smile:

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I use the funnel for library albums, artists and to a degree songs and do tend to think of the search as streaming platform search with my library included.

It just doesn’t seem to use what I understand to be “fuzzy logic” particularly well as far as I can see.


I do use funnel more on albums but sometimes I just want to type and find it should be easier but isn’t.

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You probably know this, but on the off-chance that it’s helpful:

If you use the desktop remote, and depending on your sort order, you should be able to simply type, e.g in the album view without selecting anything, and this should take you directly to the place in the album view. (Works in Artist view etc as well)

E.g. with album view, sort by artist, and artists sorted by last name: typing D Y L should jump directly to the artist whose last name starts with these letters. (And does not include artists who just happen to contain these letters in their name anywhere, like the funnel does)

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In don’t use the desktop enough mainly on a phone where the keyboard shortcuts don’t work.

A pity. I am still not over losing the similar option with the virtual keyboard on the tablet with Roon 1.8 for no reason

I hate to be a reply guy, but I feel the need to comment.

I have been building some playlists tonight in both Roon and Apple Music, and while I thought I was happy with Roon search, it’s now painful to use as I compare it to Apple Music.

Mostly just not very smart results. Searching Beegees yields nothing sensible. Searching Bee Gees in Roon gives me the 70s disco icons I was searching for.

Searching song titles is also often filled with misdirects and puzzling results. I can eventually find what I’m looking for if I type and click more.

With Apple Music the fuzzy logic and “close enough” spellings etc just work. I find what I am looking for, quickly. It just seems to understand and kind of finish my sentences for me.

I don’t even like Apple Music that much but tonight it was a lot better to use.

I’m real happy with Roon 2.0 and even the “always needs internet” issue doesn’t bug me. But, I had thought one of the main drivers for that was to noticeably improve the search functionality, and I haven’t really experienced it to be THAT much better than 1.8

I really don’t want to be just a complainer, and if there is something I need to investigate on this end that could be causing it, I’m all for it.

Anyway, this seemed like the best thread in which to make this commentary. I don’t know what ya do with it, but for $12.99 a month plus tax I feel free to put in my 2 cents.

I think search still needs quite a bit of work.


Just to substantiate a bit more my experience, type ELO into Apple Music and almost immediately you see a result of E.L.O. Electric Light Orchestra, the popular band.

Typing ELO or even E.L.O. in Roon gives me…not much I’ve ever heard of, even after expanding to all results, tapping “more”under artists gave me nothing remotely close to Electric Light Orchestra…until I scrolled all the way to the bottom of about 15 artists I’ve never heard of, and there they were.

More work is an understatement it’s just embarrassingly bad still. But hey we have just lost offline playback as a trade off so it can run purely in the cloud. Surely it can only get better now, we live in hope.


another weird one today. I was searching for the jazz artist Alessandro Galati, but misgendered him in my first attempt as Alessandra, which produced zero results.

took me a while to figure out what I’d gotten wrong.

The thing that kills me, it’s probably been complained about already, is that one’s local files are often buried deep within the search results, and on occasions not there at all.


I have given thought to just de-integrating Roon and Qobuz, and letting Roon be my local music only manager, When it began, that’s what it was.

It would also simplify ARC.

It’s not really a solution. I’d have some huge chunks of music gone from Roon, but it’s something I’ve considered, as it’s simpler. Sort of.

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If I am looking for something I know is in my library, then instead of search I use the filter option on the album screen. quicker easier to get to the content I want.

Edit. the filter search on the album screen also works for artists. So, typing in bowie will give me all albums by an artist with bowie in the name, or, albums with Bowie in the title.