Roon Search Parameters Philosophy and Programming

So I know from previous topics that Roon wants it experience to be as non-technical and as musical as possible. Nonetheless, my experience is that
CLASSICAL - 3 parameters minimum: Composer, Work, Performer(s)
NON-CLASSICAL - 2 parameters minimum: Work, Performer(s)
Type Beethoven (good). Add Symphony No. 9 (nothing available).
It seems you can only search by 1 parameter. Not good if you have 500 Beethoven recordings. And even if you do that, it displays far from everything in my library.

  1. If you type Beethoven Sum#9 in Wikipedia, it will find Beethoven Symphony #9 in D minor, Op.125. Roon could have that capability. But the non-finding of works by Beethoven (this is just an example) does not seem to be caused by errors.
  2. I have tagged every album in my library (308,000 tracks) with MP3tag (currently on PC, V.3.11). Is this a problem? I do not use the tag ALBUM ARTIST (owing to its often arbitrary nature in Classical) but always fill ARTIST, with comma separator for multiple artists.
  3. Roon has stated in the past an aversion to a file folder display search method (which always seemed a good method to me, since the linguistic evidence is that inverted tree structure with labelling is a primary cognitive organization method for homo sapiens). So how about an ADVANCED SEARCH option giving the above 3 categories and any other (version, label, whatever) you might care to add.

I’d kindly suggest you be patient for some more days; presently a new release with vastly improved search is being beta-tested.

Just to give you an example:

Searching for ‘beethoven symphony 9’ gives me this result (This is just the top result and the albums returned by the search):

Another example: