Roon Security via Profile -- aka "Party Mode" / "Do No Harm" [On roadmap, low on list]

This feature is going to become even more important to me very soon. Using Convolution (Audiolense) as the main control of the system is scary to think someone can really jack things up unintentionally. C’mon Roon!


You should only let flawless guests in your house! :rofl:


‘Take off your shoes when you come in and put your mobile devices in this box by the door!’

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I see that since voting has been opened that this request has only gathered 4 votes. While I can’t speak for Roon Labs, my suspicion is that unless more people cast their votes here this request will continue to languish at the low priority end of the list for years to come… :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


I believe there are many people that did not realize they could vote.

I have used Roon and the forum software for many years, but I didn’t know it until I saw your post. (If I ever did know, I certainly forgot about it).

Unfortunately, I have also reached the point where I don’t believe it matters. There are any number of high visibility/importance feature improvements that have been on the roadmap for years… I’m not saying that they aren’t important to Roon, but they must be beyond Roon’s ability to deliver with the resources available.


The Voting feature was only turned on in the last month. Roon Labs will use it as a factor in their prioritisations.

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Many thanks. I had no idea that I could vote

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Can we have a guest access feature so others can’t make changes to my library and the history is not recorded so as not to influence suggestions made to me.

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Check this knowledge base article.

Profiles still allow changes to the common library though. It’s possible that @Adeniyi_Ogunnaike wants this instead:


True, but the OP also mentions play history. Either way, #roon:feature-suggestions need to be precise.

I suspect there are already features suggestions concerning profiles.

Sure, but a party mode would most likely cover both and not change the regular user’s history, either. It’s unclear what is desired at this stage, maybe @Adeniyi_Ogunnaike can clarify. The forum moderators moved this into the party mode feature suggestion thread …

Apologies for the delayed response, been on holiday & work pressures.

Admittedly I hadn’t considered the profile option.

I suppose I could create another profile & call it party mode for example, and the play history on this profile is not captured in my profile, however as someone mentioned I assume users can still make changes to my library from this second profile?

I would love this as well.

So my friends, the fools and the doctors, can fiddle AND explore without me having to endure endless “recommendations” based upon their party activities. Essentially, a “safe session” mode that doesn’t alter AI/suggestions, doesn’t capture play history, and doesn’t permit ANY editing to my library or playlists.

So I don’t have to fire any drunk friends later on.

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Yes, and that’s the drawback with the current design and why we are asking for improvements.

A ”Consume only” (read only) profile type would be good. Thank you even my kid and wife use Roon.


Glad to see im not the only one who feels this way.
lots of my friends & family are intrigued by Roon but i have curated a huge library & im loath to give them free reign.

how do we make this a priority? (currently low on the road map)


I dont know type of user/customer is making this product for. So far it seems from my point of view mostly singel audiophile techy users.
I also think that Roonlabs have up to 1.8 been focusing making the product stable/reliable and to make the UI good.
If Roon want to grow I think they need to please many types.

Maybe 1.9 Will be where they can satisfy the ”Roon familys” with several users who want to consume the Roon content differently and customize their experience.
Maybe an admin consol, Roon Light Remote, Support for Alexa/Google Home, external remote, support for more than one home and more to really make the modern and attractive for many more …

But I would really would like Roonlabs to write here who they see as their customers. Where and How Do they want the product to evolve.


Didn’t realize I could vote. But I just voted for this thread and a few others

My use case is I don’t want the library modified by anyone but me. Being able to lock a file, folder or volume is an expected use. There is no safe way to let others add CD was your library.