Roon Security via Profile -- aka "Party Mode" / "Do No Harm" [On roadmap, low on list]

My main entertaining space has a nice system with Roon running to a 55 inch tv. Currently, I’d love to bring out the keyboard and mouse and let my guests explore (and get hooked) on Roon. I don’t because I don’t want them to have access to the editing (or other) capabilities.

I would like there to be a “guest” or party profile which by default has all the editing, exporting, setup functions turned off. That way I can let my guests browse through Roon without me hovering and worrying that they might “make a drunken mistake”. :smile:


Another vote for lock out mode:

I do this too. Big screen + Roon + wireless keyboard and mouse is fun!

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Interesting. Sadly it won’t fit my curved model TV.

Interesting request.

The interim solution is to:

  • prior to party: backup the Roon directory
  • at party: give friends free reign
  • after the party (not to be confused with ‘after party’): restore Roon directory

For those with friends that actually add value to your library by adding new, great, music finds, add the following two steps:

  • prior to restoring: note new additions
  • after restore: manually add new finds
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Great idea. Relies on Tidal, making bookmarks, copying and replacing files.

Too much work. I want to tick the button/box that says allow library changes.


Fully agree with the feature request, just wanted to point out you don’t have to cancel your parties in the interim (and showing off Roon must be worth that quick local directory copy effort, just in case) :smile:

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Absolutely. Great work around.

Of course, hand anyone an iPad running Apple’s Remote App linked to an iTunes Library, on the local network, and there are no issues of security or deletion of your music.

(ducks for cover)

Or JRiver’s Theater mode and Gizmo android app.

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Or JRemote w/ JRiver…

+1 for this.

Backing up the Roon folder won’t prevent file deletions.

Sooloos had this and I think Roon needs it too.

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I think iPeng tops it all with a seperate party app!

I’ve never used iPeng as I don’t have any Apple devices. I have heard that it is the Slimserver remote to beat though.

I like this idea!

totally agreed, we’ve been pushing for this for a while… trying to figure out the right thing… its on the roadmap.


Maybe just allow configurability on profiles? I’d say you want profiles to include edit and view permissions, password or PIN, preferred genres, etc.

That should allow you to cover this case, as well as other issues.

Then include a “Guest” or “Party” profile by default?


If we’re pig-piling…

To switch profiles,Roon could implement passwords…

  • Create a Party profile
  • Use a Party Profile that can have age ranges set to it. Therefore if
    35-55 years old, then Roon plays picks from 1975 to 1995.
  • Allow the Party Profile to be assigned to a user’s Last.FM for
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Maybe a functionality that allows to define a focus (both album and artist) for a profile.
Would then also allow easy segregation of mudic per profile.
Perhaps both to be set from admin as well as user perspective.

Would like to add my +1 to this feature.

The first I would like is just a pin code protection for profiles and the ability to set up specific profiles as read only. That way I can let my kids and my guests loose in Roon without the fear of metadata editing and deletion of music.

As others I would like the existing functionality to continue work as today, with playlists, tags, play history, favorites etc.

Keep ut the good work, it’s really Amazing what you have achieved in so short time.
The lifetime membership is without doubt the single best hi-fi purchase I have ever done.

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I’d like to add my +1 as well. One of the things I really enjoy sharing with my kids is music discovery. Sooloos was the first big step and Roon has now fully replaced it for all the obvious reasons. It would be great to let them loose with Roon, but I fear the same metadata edits or “accidental” deletion (“No Dad, I didn’t do that. Why would I do that”?).

Roon’s been an absolute game-changer for us and I am grateful for the team’s hard work. Looking forward to a lifetime of discovery.

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I have 3 kids who have Kindles and they have been asking to access Roon/Tidal so they can play/search music.
I just installed the Roon Android remote on one kindle to try it and it looks to work fine and allows them to select the Kindle as an output to play locally which is great.

However, I’m a little concerned about them messing with my core library of music. I plan to create a user profile for each kid, but is it possible to configure each user so they cannot delete music from the library?

In other-words, I don’t want them to have access to EDIT any album, track, or anything that would change the library.