Roon seems 'stuck' in shuffle mode

For a while now, Roon seems to be stuck in shuffle mode.

When I click ‘Play now’ it dives into some random track on the album, not track 1.

And the shuffle icon to the right of the track play timer doesn’t click. TBH, I can’t tell from the UI if it’s showing as Shuffle on or Shuffle Off, but either way, clicking it does nothing.

What am i doing wrong/missing?


Go to the play queue screen, the shuffle control is there.

Hi @Mark_Lewis,

As Ged mentioned, head on over to the Queue screen and make sure that Shuffle isn’t enabled. You can see the Shuffle option here:

Let us know if this helps!

Yes, thank you. You guys cracked it :wink:

I was thrown by the symbol at the bottom of the screen:


Which I just assumed was clickable, but didn’t seem to click!

UX Feature request right there :wink: - might as well make it toggalable right from the main play screen.

But anyway, problem solved in the mean time.

Thank you.


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