Roon seems to love Velvet Underground

Funny thing, the last three days Roon has been playing my full 3500 album library at random but somehow it has been playing at least one song of one of my three Velvet Undergound albums every hour. I highly suspect there is a fanatic Velvet Underground fan in the Roon team :wink:


Thought it was only me. I have a 3000 album library and only 1 Velvet Underground album which plays disproportionately when in random, whilst many other albums never get a look in. Is there a subliminal message going off here?

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My Roon seems to love Rod Stewart. Ironically, I’m not a big Rod Stewart fan. Like @Sjef_van_de_Ven, I get a lot of Rod Stewart when playing “All Tracks”.

My library has 6 Rod Stewart albums out of 2500 total.

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I wonder if there is something in the roon random algorithm that moves across the alphabet with artist names. And perhaps not many artists with “V”. No clue, but just a thought.

Could be. Perhaps they should seed the random number function with a different value each time…

Same for me when I had random play on Saturday…