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Hi I’m in UK and an early adopter of Roon updates, I have roon server on a windows 11 pc and although I keep reading about roon 1365 my server is still on 1363, when will I get 1365 or is it just a case of wait out my other pc’s and android phone are on 1364 but my server is still 1363.

Production is currently on 1364, so it looks like you’re mixing EA and production releases. IIRC, when production is released it is essentially the same as the final EA release with the version number incremented.

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Production is on 1365 (for Roon Server):

Early access is still behind for most components.

@Martin_Webster’s point about mixed production and early access still applies.

1364 is the current production build of Remote (IOS and Android).

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Hi Martin, I signed up for early access on all my windows pc’s, on my windows roon remotes I am on 1364 but my roon server is still 1363, also on my android tablets/phones I am a beta tester for all my apps that accept beta testing so I should have the latest build’s on all my kit.

So your Roon Server is on early access. To get 1365 you need to change to the production release.

I don’t understand this. 1364 is not a version of the Roon Desktop Application that has been released as far as I know.

For the Desktop Roon application, 1363 is the latest early release build, and 1365 is the latest production build.

I’m not sure what you mean by ‘signed up’. For Windows, you have to use the early access installer to migrate each computer to early access independently.

You stated that your Android device are on 1364. This is latest production release for the Android/IOS Roon Remote app. So your Android devices do not appear to be on the early release and you have a mix of Early Release server with production Android remotes - as @Martin_Webster pointed out.

On Android at least, as well as joining the Android Beta program, I believe you have to explicitely join the beta program for the Roon Remote app (in the play store app) on each Android device.

You should make sure that, all Roon devices (servers, desktop remotes and mobile remotes) are on the Early Access releases OR all Roon devices are on the production releases. Mixing and matching can lead to issues although,since you have not raised any other issues, you appear to be getting away with it at present.

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Surely if I’m on early access I should have had build 1365 ages ago that’s what early access is all about so people can try out new updates and send in any problems to support before there is a general release and with Android this is done through the Beta testing not signing up through the Roon pages this is for PC’s and Macs.

I don’t believe that that is the way that it works [with Roon] - early access is the beta program and only gives access to the latest early access releases.

When production releases are ahead of the early release (as they will generally be just after a production release), then the only way to get the latest release is to move to production.

When I was on early access, the production release was typically the same as the last EA version with the release number incremented.

For the most part, the latest production release removed the always on internet connection requirement and added TIDAL Max. I assume these features are already in 1363? If so, don’t worry about it.

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Hi Wade, well have to agree to disagree on this one, on everything I’ve been on if you are using early release or beta or windows preview, its all about getting the updates early so that they can be tested out by people so that any glitches can be ironed out before the software is put on general release.

Not all beta programs are run the same way. Windows Insider builds are nearly always ahead (depending on which stream you subscribe to) - sometimes so far ahead that they include features that never reach production.

For Roon, as @Martin_Webster says, a release build is usually, but not always, the same as the last early release build that preceded it. There have been occaisions when a production release has been issued with an important bug fix while ommitting other early release fixes/features for which the early release is still liable to have issues.

There can be, as is the case now as was the case until an hour ago, quite a delay between a production release, and a new early access release that builds upon that production release. The current release is now 8 days old and, as at the time of writing, there is until an hour ago, there was no early access release that is ahead of that release (at least for everything except ARC)

The link below, that I posted in my first reply, tells your which is ahead - early release or production and is update as appropriate every time a new release - early or production, is issued:

Actually, it appears that there is a new early access release (1367) issued today - which is ahead for all components (except bridge which has not changed in a long time):

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With Roon, you are either in the Early Access program which means you will always only be running versions that are released in Early Access, or, you are running production versions.

Early Access Release 1363 is approved and released as Production 1365. Production is updated to the new version 1365, Early Access is not updated an stays on 1363…

Today, Early Access is updating to 1367. Production will stay on 1365. If 1367 gets approved it be released as Production with a higher version number. We in Early Access will say on version 1367 until a new Early Access version is released.


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I do have update my Rhein z1 Roon server to the 1365 version .no problem at all.
Greets Paul

I believe there is a catch with Android and EA. Somewhere in another thread, there was mention that you can’t really stop version bumps in Android. So, if Android Roon Remote production 1364 is released and you are enrolled in earlyaccess and the EA version is less than 1364, you will still get 1364 production. This has been my experience the last two cycles.

If I look at Android Roon Remote in the Google Play Store, it shows Roon Remote (Beta). However, when I look at the version of my current Roon Remote on the phone, it says version 2.0 (build 1364) production.

When the newly released Android Roon Remote 1367 earlyaccess rolls out to my phone (hopefully soon), all I have to do is update apps through the play store like normal (or wait it out), and I’ll be on Roon Remote 1367 earlyaccess.

Android build #1367 is out


My Innuos Zen core is on 1368 as is my windows pc running the client. My android pone is also on 1368, however my iPad running IOS 17.3.1 is on 1364. I’m guessing they stagger updates.

According to the page at:

The latest release IOS version is also 1368. It could be that the update is simply taking its time to percolate down to your iPad and it (the iPad) will update in due course.

Early Access people should get their IOS updates from TestFlight. TestFlight is on 1367. Windows, Nucleus, and Mac servers are on 1367 for Early Access.

Production versions went to 1368 yesterday. People running Production versions (not Early Access) can get their IOS updates from the Apple App store.

As posted above by @Rugby, you’re either on Early Access or Production, not both and you don’t bounce from one to the other.