Roon Server as a Service [not on roadmap]

I have a Windows 8 Pro Laptop setup as my Roon Server. It works really well.

However I have the user profile password protected and if I reboot the laptop (server) and it comes up to the login screen, then Roon Server will not load until I log into the system and pull up the desktop.

The very second that the laptop (server) is rebooted, I lose the connection from my desktop client. It will not reappear until I log back into the laptop (server).

I looked at the Services running and it is not there. I guess that Roon Core is just running in the background. I would think that it would be more efficient if it was running as a service.

Until then, here’s how to automatically login.

Thanks - That did the job. No it works exactly like I want.

Footnote - I could have just removed the password from the account and achieved the same results with regard to the Roon Server loading up. However, I am using Remote Desktop to access the Server and the only way I could get that to work was to have a password assigned to the account.

I still believe that it would be better served with Roon setup as a service.

Windows Services have quite a few limitations on access, especially when it comes to credentials and network shares.

We decided to avoid all that mess and just run as a system tray app instead.

Appreciate the clarification about the system tray app.

Only been using Roon for about a week now and it is very obvious that a lot of thinking has gone into this product.

Sure I can see where improvements could be made, but I also see that this project is moving forward with many other yet unannounced improvements to come.

I set my Roon Server up on a cheap $300 laptop pulling my music from my Qnap to devices throughout my home without hardly any overhead on my Nas Box nor on the cheap laptop.

Like many I have over the years collected a large music library and have been limited to which device I could use to listen to.

Now, instead from my PC, I can from my recliner with a set of headphones, listen to my collection either through my phone or my tablet in any room in my house. I guess for the next project, I will be looking at a good pair of Bluetooth speakers.

Danny - You and your staff have done a great job and opened up my library to every part of my home!