Roon Server - Asustor NAS. Cannot access config


I have recently installed Roon Server on my asustor nas…all is good for a while, then it suddenly becomes inaccessible…for the config page that is. The service is fine…all my various devices can see it, play from local library etc.

IS this same issue as another member has posted for Ubuntu?
[Roon Server goes offline - Roon Software Discussion / Linux - Roon Labs Community]
(Roon Server goes offline)

Any idea?

NAS is connected to LAN via ethernet. It has a static ip address. If i restart the NAS it will work for a while then stop. However, if i restart the roonserver/service it makes no difference…the only way i can temporarily fix it is by restarting the NAS.
Version: 2023-09-27


Which PHP version are you using on the NAS?

PHP 7.3.


I think I had a similar problem too. First I installed php 7.3 and php 8. Then ffmpeg . Then under web center → webserver → php set php 7.3 there. Install the Roon app now. If everything works, you can later switch to php 8 under webserver → php.

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thanks for the info…much appreciated.

I have now followed your suggestion and currently it’s all working. Hopefully it will stay that way!!!


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it seems that didn’t work either. It was up and running i.e config page was accessible…for about 1 day. Suddenly stopped…however, Roon and Arc both work.

One other observation…in the Asustor NAS activity monitor, RoonServer is always sleeping…is that correct? Even when i’m playing something from my internal library, or doing something via Roon…it never changes. I see RAATServer changes from sleeping to running and so does RoonAppliance depending on what i’m doing…but RoonServer never.

I wonder if this is causing my issue?


What config page are you looking for? I don’t believe that anything other a Nucleus or ROCK configuration has a web portal/config page to visit.

He’s looking for the RoonServer app configuration page. I don’t know if the RoonServer app for Synology still doesn’t have one, the QNAP and the i guess the ASUSTOR ones have them for many years now and they are needed for finishing the configuration of Roon Server on said NAS devices. See also:

Example picture from the website above:

Thanks @BlackJack - that’s good to know. In the Synology install, this is all done during screens in an installation wizard. I’ve learned something new. Thanks for posting that screenshot.

I’m running Roon on an Asustor NAS (the 5304T). RoonServer is not always sleeping in the Activity Monitor, but almost always. And when there’s a small spike of activity it’s very, very slight, like less than a percent or so.
The URL to the configuration page on my system is
The URL you posted looks like it’s to the general NAS desktop.

And out of curiosity: Since Roon is running well on your system, what are you looking for in the configuration page? Almost all of the configuration of Roon is located in the remotes.

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