Roon Server Bel Canto Question

I recently replaced my Roon Nucleus with a Bel Canto e.One Streamer.

I’m trying to connect Roon to it and am having problems doing so. I am not using a computer as a Roon Server; I’m trying to connect the Roon Remote app on my iPad to the Bel Canto and it is not finding it. So I believe the issue is not having the server app installed on a computer.

Can I install it on the iPad and use it as both the server and the remote? I am only streaming Qobuz and do not have an USB drive with my music library connected yet.

Sorry, you can’t. That Bel Canto streamer is just a Roon endpoint, it cannot work as a Roon core, unlike the Nucleus it replaced. You need a separate computer (Mac, PC, Linux, …) to run the Roon core.