Roon server disconnected from network

Roon Core Machine

Windows Server 2012R2

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Connected Audio Devices

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Description of Issue

The roon clients does not connect to roon server any more
Error “no connection” in the IOS app appears


  • this fall update roon 1.8 (18.12.2021)
  • latest Windows updates

Windows firewall (Server is connected to domain)

When switching off the firewall the roon server will get connected
When switching on the firewall the roon server will not get connected

Firewall settings: RAAT Server (added manually)
Firewall settings: (all networks are enabled)

reinstalled (no uninstall before) of the actual version from roon download page (today)
“RoonServerInstaller64.exe” did not help.

The follwing questions:
What setting is missing?
What is the default setup for the windows firewall for
a) running roon (server install) and
b) for running roon (full install)

Thank you very much for your support

Best Regards

Hey @Heiko_Hoehle – we changed the port range, you’ll have to add an exception for 9300-9400.

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