ROON Server + HQ Player Embedded on MMM1..Help needs

Hello all

I now its possible on Linux or Ubuntu, but i have none experience in those SW.
Could somewone in here take time to tell me how to?
My experience is Windows and Android…alot!
Reson for my question is…i have a Embedded licens key, and not a lot of money.


I moved this over to the HQ Player forum as it seems more likely to attract people with the right knowledge here.

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MMM1 is what?

Mac Mini M1? If yes, Ubuntu is not officially supported on M1, even if someone has it working.

On Mac Mini M1, you can only run HQPlayer Desktop (for proper HQP support).

It’s a very good machine. What issues are you having?

Or it’s just that you don’t want to buy a Desktop license?

A Desktop license is cheaper than an equal machine that can officially run Ubuntu…

Yep…I mean…

I just have to wait then…as everyone else…to HQ Player Embeddedi comming to MAC silicon.

Thnks for ur time