Roon Server in Ubuntu Desktop 22.04 LTS, will not detect my Synology DS416 NAS

On my own pc the Roon installation open the NAS without problem. I am helping my friend to configure his pc, ie install same Ubuntu Desktop 22.04 LTS, then Roon and Hqplayer for communication using local hos. Roon does not find the NAS. Neither do the Ubuntu OS, or should I say it will not open. I see the NAS in files. But trying to open using the credentials fails. It works fine with my windows pc, my mac, and my media pc on Ubuntu. I cannot remember any particular actions to make this work when installing my Ubuntu pc, and the others “just work” as is.

This may be a stupid question but, have you verified that the credentials are authorized for the path you are trying to access?

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The username and/or password contain special, non-alphanumeric characters?

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Yes, I login using the credentials on my Windows pc, every time it starts (every day) and not so often with my MAC. So it exists and works except on Linux/Roon.

The user is simple, but the password is rather long. But it is only letters, both upper case and normal and digits. No special characters.

As the connection gets blocked by the NAS, I would try to debug the issue on the NAS. Check NAS, Linux, samba fora. Maybe there is a way to activate/access connection debug for samba on the NAS to figure out the reason for the denied access? Is the NAS setup to allow clients using SMBv2 protocol to connect?

Did you upgrade Ubuntu to the latest version? With cifs.mount there was a known kernel bug which should be fixed in the latest version.

Have you verified SMB level support is aligned?

Hi, thanks for replying. Could not find debug wizard for checking samba. but sambo in on, the protokoll is max SMBv3, min SMBv2. So, yes it accepts SMBv2

Hi, thanks for replying. Always start the day of playback with a check of updates. Better do it myself. It is always the last updates installed. :heartbeat:

Hi, thanks for replying. Yes Samba level support is “ON”, refer to level v2 and v3 in the other reply.

Anyone know max number of characters in password? Is there one?

I remember having trouble with password having more than 32 characters.
How much do you use ?

A few points of troubleshooting:

  • Confirm both the NAS and the Roon Server can ping each other
  • Run the following command in your terminal and post the output (with the obvious redactions):
    • sudo mount -vvv -t cifs -o username=serverUserName //myServerIpAddress/sharename /mnt/myFolder/
    • In the above command, replace serverUserName, myServerIpAddress, sharename and mnt/myFolder with the appropriate values
  • Confirm that your NAS allows multiple simultaneous connections
  • Confirm that your Ubuntu install includes cifs-utils as most stock Ubuntu distributions do not.
    • An easy way to confirm is just do sudo apt-get install -y cifs-utils
  • Confirm that your NAS is not firewalling any traffic
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Only 15 as opposed to your 30. Then it shouldn’t be a problem. Thanks, bro, for the clarification :heart:

Will get back. Thanks for the suggestion :heart: