Roon server language rewrite

Hi all,

I am new to Roon and use linux server to host application.
I am very disappointed to have a Mono application running on my linux server…
It is not native, not multi-platform native, etc…

Is there planned to rewrite Roon Server to a better multi-platform language like Go (golang) or something more modern than Mono ?


Yeah, it feels pretty cludgy doesn’t it? When it first launched it was quite advanced compared or the solutions at the time.
Wouldn’t moving platforms be a massive and costly task?

Yes, i think it is a massive task and hard work to rewrite in another language.

But i think, it is essential for the future of Roon to rewrite to a more modern language. Java could also be go good solution (but i prefer golang…).

I was just going to say “it’s better than any Java app”…

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Neither Java nor Go is acceptably modern. It would use have to be Rust or Julia to secure my all-important approval.

I run a massive library on Roon running on an Arch Linux based i5-7600T and have no performance issues or “cludgy” feel. Not sure there’s a legitimate gripe here other than there’s no Linux desktop client.

Run it in a docker container to wrap the mono stuff

Give Roon a chance … I’ve been running Roon of Linux for a few years without issue.

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