Roon Server Legacy for QNAP QTS4.3

I had old QNAP NAS TS-251C which has max firmware version of QTS 4.3.6. The only provided by QNAP is release build 1359 which is registered for Roon Server version 2. I tried download and both of them failed to install on my QNAP. Please kindly help the build of Roon Server Legacy for QTS 4.3.6.


Hello @Jessie_jes and welcome to the forum.

Had or have? If you still have the TS-251C and try to install the app on it, please note that it does not have the minimum required amount of RAM. This might be the reason why installation fails for you but even if not, I don’t see the point for trying to run Roon Server on a NAS with only 1GB of RAM.

AFAIK does QNAP not provide any version of Roon at all (Roon is not bundled with the RoonServer app) and the build number you posted is related to Roon. The RoonServer app releases are distinguished by theire release date.

Why do you want to install the old legacy version of Roon instead of the current one? What do you think will be the benefit of this? The hardware requirements are the same for legacy as well as current Roon Server.

How did the installation for the packages fail for you? Please show us the error messages / log contents of the failed attempts.

sorry, I still have the TS-251C,

Thanks, I have tried and it successfully installed.

Qnap does provide a roon download in their App Center, but it is always current production build, no legacy. If the manual installation of an old version fails, I would take it as a hint that either RAM or OS version are not sufficient to run roon on that machine. 1GB of RAM is simply not enough to even start roon. Starting roon on a Qnap with even 2GB of RAM might lead to complications.

I would not even try to run roon on such an old and CPU/RAM-wise lean machine. My recommendation: Get yourself a (used) Qnap TS-251D. That is an affordable and comparably simple multimedia NAS with a suitable CPU allowing up to 8GB of RAM and latest QTS. Roon runs surprisingly smooth on that one if you do not have an extensive library or demand crazy multiroom stunts. You might even be able to migrate your hard drives.

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