Roon server on Android

I’ve just gotten a lg v40 smartphone, and as I know it supports mqa I was thinking that maybe I could use it as a roon server, it would also be more comfortable. But it seems there is no server version for Android, only as remote client.

Does a (Android) smartphone not meet the hardware criteria for a roon server?

Roon Server (Core) only runs on Linux, MacOS and Windows. You use Android device for Control only. Roon software will perform the first MQA unfold regardless of software.

Sorry to chip in but I really really would like the room playlists to be able to be played on quobuz when i go running…TBh I find the quobuz interface dreadful and very cumbersome.

I know that this may have been covered before but is there any work around? Thanks

There may be a more efficient way but I export my Roon playlists to a file, import that file into Soundiiz and use Soundiiz to convert the playlist to my streaming service of choice.