Roon Server on Asustor as6604t ? App not found

Hi all,
Please forgive me if this post is naive. I just bought an Asustor as6604t–my first NAS–with intentions of using this as a Roon Server (having seen a few posts from others claiming to have successfully run Roon on it) in my house. I’ve set up 3 drives on it Raid 1 plus backup, with a m2 250gb drive, half of which is dedicated for cache. I’ve also added 8gb Ram to the 4gb it came with.

Ready to install Roon, it does not appear in the apps that are available. Following Christopher Rieke’s advice that “Roon Server for ASUSTOR is available in the ASUSTOR App Central. You can find it in the ‘Media Server’-section. You only need to click on the “Install”-button below the Roon Server icon. That’s it.”–I can’t find the app under “Media Server” or anywhere else.

Am I missing something, or did Asustor remove the app from its App Central? Is there a workaround to get Roon Server on the NAS or should I just return this NAS and pick up a Synology DS920+?

Asustor’s site does not have the app either, but they are still saying that they have Roon,

but the links in search go to a broken download page.

You may need to send them feedback or a query to see what they say.

A question for @crieke.

I have not received any notice of the app being removed. But ASUSTOR requested on update last week, as they were concerned, the QNAP security issue might also be available on the asustor platform.
I have explained in a reply, that the situation on Asustor is different, as the webinterface is running on a different port there. Nevertheless, I have submitted an update here as well, to perform a check (as on the updated QNAP app, which is currently still in review process) and asked for further info on verifying the session id.
I hope, I will get further info in the coming week.

Thank you, Christopher, and others, for your replies. Very much appreciate your time and willingness to help.

Hi there, Christopher,

Good news is that RoonLabs now appears in the Asustor apps store. Bad news is that it won’t install when I hit the Install button. After confirming that I’ve installed FFmpeg (“About this” window), it cycles as if installing but then returns to the same page, with the Install button ready instead of “Installed”. I’ve also checked under “Installed”, and it doesn’t appear in the installed apps. Any ideas what could be preventing installation?

Thank you in advance,


Same issue. Can’t install the May 21 update on asustor 6602.

Same issue as well. I can’t install the latest update.
However my Roon server version is build 795 (1.8) on my Asustor NAS. So, maybe it is not necessary to update. If it is not necessary: how can I eliminate the update sign on Asustor App store?

Update didn’t work for me either and then I made the mistake to remove the app hoping it would solve the problem - but it didn’t.

But there’s a work-around for everyone who wants to install the older release of @crieke’s wonderful app:

The older release package can be downloaded here:

Save that .apk-file to your desktop computer and than use the App central app from your Asustor portal software to manually install the package. The “manual installation” is hidden behind the “Management” button at the bottom of the menu bar on the left.


Info: Today, I was able to install the update. THX.


Thank you, Ferenc, for letting us know. I went ahead and updated mine successfully as well.

Thanks @crieke for working to make this available.

Mine updated properly as well. Thanks all.


anybody save this apk ( can you please share it? now i has 3.5.7RKU2 FW at my asustor 6302T and actual roon server from asus app store not compatible with this FW. I try to use previously version (RoonServer_2021-07-26_x86-64.apk) but Roon Server status “stopped” an any time. sorry for my English
@crieke can you please share it? or other actually version for FW 3.5.7RKU2