Roon Server on Linux: Autostart Roon upon Linux start

Hi community,
I just managed it to get Roon Server running on a Linux Ubuntu 20.04.
Could connect my iPad as a test and restored an old Backup. Roon played music on my iPad. So next to configure the other two laptops on my music equipment.

My Question: If I restart my Ubuntu machine, is Roon Server starting automatically? And if not, how to configure it?
Thx Martin

I’ve moved to the Linux section may be seen better there.

It should have installed a systemd service module in /etc/systemd/system and set it to enabled. That should make Roon Core auto-start on boot.

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Thanks, found a file named roonserver.service. The content is:



Okay, I managed it. After restart roon server starts automatically.
Thanks guys