Roon Server on QNAP Setup/Config

A little confused, setting up Roon Server on my new QNAP NAS and installed the latest script 1.0.2. Created the RoonServer share on DataVol1, which is an SSD volume in a RAID0 (don’t care if I lose it as I have all my data on a RAID5 volume.

When I check where Roon was installed I see the following:

I would think that Roon should have installed to DataVol1 which is my SSD RAID0 and all my media is located on DataVol3 (RAID5).

However, I see 2 directories where create under the RoonServer share on DataVol1, RoonServer and RAATServer. Should I assume even though QNAP is telling me Roon was installed on DataVol3, but the database actually installed under the RoonServer share on DataVol1 (SSD RAID0)?

Should I migrate the app from one DataVolx to another?

Yes call me confused…

Hi Govnah,
You can install apps on synology on different volumes. You will be asked at the installation on which volume the RoonServer software should be installed. If this is not the case you probably have set a default installation volume. You can check this by clicking on the settings button in the Package Center:

This will be the location of the Application itself.

The RoonServer database is stored on the RoonServer share. The RoonServer share is best suited on an SSD volume. I think it does not hurt if the App itself is also hosted on that drive, but I did not make any benchmarks about it… :slight_smile:

'Seems I don’t have “package center” only “app center.” Under app center there is no option to change the install location. I am running QTS 4.3.2 and matbe they removed that application.

Thank you for the reply! One question specific to QNAP, should the “system” volume always be on a RAID5 or greater volume as oppposed to a RAID0? I would assume so given if you lose the system volume you NAS would become unstable.

Again Thanks!

Whoops, I mixed up Synology and QNAP here, Sorry. :slight_smile:
On QNAP you have no choice to set the installation volume of the qpkg apps. But as I said in the previous post: The important part is to have the database located on the ssd.

Ah … learn something new everyday…even if you don’t want to…