Roon Server on Synology

I have a Synology 918+ with full NAS HDDs in it but no SSD.

What do I need to do to run Roon Server on it? Do I need to upgrade it somehow?

from what I was told in this forum, you should definitely use SSDs for the Roon database.
Maybe you can do with the HDDs if you have a small library (not many music files, no extensive use of file tags).
From my experience with the DS918+ it is generally of great value to have no programs/packages, indexed files or folders that need fast access on HDDs.
As I know that it is a big hassle to achieve after the initial installation, you might give a USB SSD a try.

Ok, that’s what I thought about SSDs being required. I’m going to first try on a Windows PC with SSDs during the trial and then move it to the Synology if I want to stick with Roon.

I just didn’t know if the CPU in the Synology needed some upgrade too.

I run Roon on a DS918+ without any problems and the cpu utilization is minimal- even when I was using a convolution dsp filter. I have about 1K albums in my local library and moved to a SSD volume for the Roon database after the initial installation. This cut the time for some slow operations in half but this was on version 1.7 of Roon and version 1.8 seems significantly snappier to me.

Required is a strong word. Roon can run on spinning disks, how fast depends on your library size. As mentioned smaller library sizes work pretty speedily. How many total tracks do you have?

I guess my library is small compared to many, but as a pointer: 30K tracks, Synology DS918+ runs perfectly without SSD - in a shared environment (torrent, Plex, fileserver etc…)

Here’s another datapoint… When I was trying to decide which hard drive to purchase for my Synology NAS, I contacted Synology with some questions on the SSDs I was looking at for it. They strongly recommended old technology spinning platter hard drives for the longevity they provide. Keep in mind that SSDs wear out over time. I can’t comment about responsiveness since I’m still in the throes of ripping my CDS and moving them to the NAS, so Roon is still running from my Mac for the moment until I get all of the files tuned up.

I have <5000 tracks.

Wow, ok, will give it a try then.

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