Roon Server power consumption

As I posted elsewhere, I am currently testing Roon. Still not convinced if I’ll stay or not (the price does deter me a bit especially as 2 of my 3 music streaming services are not supported on Roon), but am looking on where I will be haousing my permanent Roon server. I started with a SFF HP machine i had lying around, but this will need to change as I want a small machine and the lowest possible consumption. NUC is looking like to solution - I looked at reusing my Synology box but after reading all over the place am more inclined now to purchase a dedicated box. Next question is power consumption. I am worried about this item (also and mainly for ecological reasons). Running a box 24/7 for a usage that is 4-5 hours a day looks to me a bit of a waste. Is there a way I can really reduce to the bare minimum the power consumption of the Roon server WITHOUT switching it off and on?

I have a NUC8I7BEH with Rock. I don’t know what the power consumption is at idle, basically just keeping the database updated, but it doesn’t seem to be much. I have mine on a UPS system. We had a power outage last week and the Nuc continued to run for hours with minimal battery drain. Compared to a PC with ongoing background OS activities it isn’t much.

I have noticed the activity lights going for awhile after powering the NUC up. Nothing to base this on but I’m guessing the additional power consumed at startup while it catches up might be equal to the power consumed at idle.

Im using a NUC 7i7BNH and while scanning the library after power on its using ~15-25W on the supplied 19V 65W power adapter. once thats finished its closer to averaging around 15W and I have Ian internal SSD for ripping/music

Thanks for the feedback. 15W idle is not a lot granted, but still much more than what a streamer will consume when idle. I’ve seen posts talking about disabling certain functionalities when idle. Has anyone tried this?

Power at idle for a NUC of this nature is 5-7W. Consider this is similar to a clock radio (5-7W), router or modem (6-7W) and about 5-6X more than your cable box (35W) or satellite dish (25W). You don’t turn any of these off when you are not using them, but you could.
My amps draw 600W when they are on. They’re Class A, so they draw this power whether music plays or not. If I let them warm up 8 minutes less than I normally would, I’m saving the same power as turning my NUC off every night for the 12 hours we don’t listen to music here. And I really do only have them on when I’m listening to the main rig. Most of us have power hungry devices all over our house. They are sources rich for attention.
I’m not opposed to saving energy. We have geothermal HVAC and solar. But these little NUCs are perfect for Roon because they can be left on all the time like any other appliance.

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That was insightful and absolutely clear. Many thanks for this!

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My NUC8i3BEH at idle draws a measly 4 watts AC.

I have app. the same measure on my NUC8i5BEH. App. 3 watt at 230 volt. Mine is total silent and kept on 24/7.

I also have a NUC8I7BEH with ROCK

Is there any setting for standby-mode to save power consumption?
And where do i find this setting?

Nowadays gas and electricity also fuel is really expensive :pleading_face:
So i am looking for saving some :grinning:

You can find some power consumption figures in the spread sheet linked in the first post here: