ROON Server restart

Core Machine

Nucleus hardwired to router via CAT6 cable

Network Details

Netgear Nighthawk AX6000 modem/router

Audio Devices

Musical Fidelity M6sR USB DAC
DAC to Parasound P6 preamp
Preamp to Parasound A23+ amp

Description of Issue

I’ve had my Nucleus for about a month, and ROON Server will restart itself randomly only when I stream either Qobuz or Tidal. Live radio and playing albums from my local library have posed no issues. So far I’ve reinstalled the ROON OS on the Nucleus, changed my primary DNS to, uninstalled and reinstalled the remote app from my iPhone XR and MacBook Air (iOS 14.5 and MacOS Big Sur 11.2.3), and rebooted/shut down/powered up countless times. Sometimes server will restart itself several times a day, sometimes it’ll go 2 days between restarts.

Average network speed is 400-500 mbps down, 35-40 mbps up. The Nucleus is the only device physically connected to the router, everything else in the house connects via WiFi.

Hey @runningwithscissors I saw in another thread where you were working on returning your Nucleus to Music Direct so I closed this support request. If I was mistaken and you are still having issues with your Nucleus please let us know right away. We’re more than happy to get any problems you’re experiencing resolved.