Roon Server / Rock on low-cost hardware - good experience

For a few weeks now the Roon Server in my home runs on a low-cost Mini PC, the BMAX B2 Pro with an Intel Celeron J4105 processor, 8GB of RAM and 256GB SSD. Installation of Rock worked without issues, and system performance appears to be excellent - the remote control apps are reactive, and Qobuz hi-res streaming has no interruptions. Hardware cost was ca 100€.


I run roon server on a 2012 mac mini. The people who have issues with older hardware are typically those who have large local libraries. Older hardware is great for those of us who primarily use the streaming services .

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Out of interest, how large is your local library? I have one of those BMAX machines still in its box and would like to repurpose the Mac Mini I’m currently using as my Room Server.

My ROCK runs ca 8000 files in CD quality, plus some hundred hi-res.

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Thanks, my numbers are similar. Think I’ll try installing Rock on the BMAX this weekend

So a quick update to this. I downloaded RockOS and installed it to my B Max 2 Pro (J4105, 8Gb RAM, 256Gb mSata SSD), pulled one of my daily backups onto it and moved my authorisation over from my 2012 Mac Mini (running Roonserver on Ubuntu desktop). Everything is working, the UI on remotes is snappy and it feels identical to my experience to date.
Whilst I understand it’s not officially supported, these 4 core Celeron machines really can deliver when the OS is stripped down to the essentials as is the case with RockOS (in fact its benchmarks are a bit better than the 2012 MacMini’s i5 on most metrics).
Definitely one to consider.
For info:
9500 files on an Innuos Zen Mini Mk3 - primarily FLAC 16/44 but some 24 bit/DSD and MQA content too
Combination of Ethernet, powerline and mesh wifi (Linksys)
6 Endpoints - either Naim or RoPieee
1 Gig Cable Broadband

Ive been running Rock on a 2011 Mac Mini for quite a while now problem free mostly. Only thing I did was maxxed out the Ram to 16gb and needed to use a USB ethernet adapter insted of built in adapter. Its dead silent. I may at some point move to a fully custom BUILD but for now shes rocking.

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