Roon Server Status: STOPPED ~ how to start

ProQNAP OS 4.3.4 (TS-569 Pro)

Installed from APP Store then updated to 2.0

Still stopped.

Installed from DL from QNAP - same thing
Rebooted - same thing.

Need help or time to cancel subscription.


Hi @Stephen_Schulz and welcome to the forum.

Please post a screenshot of the Roon Server app on your QNAP NAS (see the example below).

You may also want to have a look at the logfiles in search for the reason:


Update: To be honest, I don’t see a point in going forward, trying to run Roon Server on this NAS:


For typical usage and library sizes, 4GB of RAM is recommended. On a NAS that may run a lot of other stuff too besides Roon, 4 GB may even be not enough. And then there is also the slow 2-core only processor.