Roon Server Support on NUCs

Roon server support Intel NUC 10 & 11 Generation NUC10i7FNH & NUC11TNHi7?

Hello Raviraj, welcome to the Roon Community. For greater clarity, I’ve moved your post from the thread that it was in to a new topic in the Roon Software category.

If your question is about the Roon Server software package that can be downloaded from Roon Labs, then the answer is yes for both NUC generations, provided that the NUC is running either Windows 10 or a Linux x64 OS.

However, if you want to use the Roon server component that is included in ROCK, then at present that is only supported on a 10th generation Intel NUC. The supported NUC systems are listed here:

Windows Roon: both should work

ROCK: NUC10 is supported, NUC11 is not.

I realized that in my latest new intel replacement unit the fan is always ON.
Is this something configurable on the setup perhaps? On my previous NUCs the fan was only active for a short time. Most of the day the fan was off.

I believe that is something you can change in the bios?
Is that correct @Michael_Harris ?

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Have you updated the firmware, I wrote a short overview in a thread when I did my recent 10th Gen upgrade (as the Roon instructions were quite out of date). There was a firmware bug that keeps the fans on all the time in a firmware and you might have that one.

There are BIOS settings to control this as well, but don’t do what I did and pretty much turn the fans off as my M.2 drive got corrupted and I had to replace it. So it’s good to find a good compromise.
Just remember whenever you are using DSP or bringing in new music it does a lot of work and the fans need to be on to cool it down. So if you are currently importing your library it could be doing a full scan (possibly less likely)

The other option is it look at something like a fanless Akasa case, and I have one of those coming hopefully later this week or early next week.

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The firmware is not updated. This time intel has sent a used NUC, with an old bios. Fan was set to “balanced” mode. I have changed it to ‘Silent’, but updating firmware may be a better idea.
I own an Akasa case for the NUC FNH series. I used it with my first Nuc but as i experienced some failures i replaced it with the original case. The Akasa case is basically a giant cooler so it should not be a cause of concern but as i have had so many problems with my NUCs i decided no to use it again. I checked temperatures using the Akasa and they were consistently lower than the ones i got using the original intel case. Also, it is absolutly silent, which is the reason i bought it.