Roon Server VS. Just Roon on headless PC

I am building a PC for a friend who will run this headless with Roon, HQP and audio fidelizer. Dedicated to just one zone, his big boy stereo. Immediately after building system I installed “regular” Roon on his PC and controlled everything via windows remote desktop. I had easy access to Roon and could from the same screen change HQP settings if I wanted.

Tonight I installed roon server on his system and now I am wondering why I did that. Control now is from a roon app on my iPad set as remote control, now if I want to change a setting in HQP I need to pause roon, close app on iPad, open windows remote desktop, open HQP, change setting, close windows remote desktop, reopen roon and hit play. Am I missing something? This seems way more cumbersome than just having “regular” Roon on the PC and controlling all from windows remote desktop.

What am I missing?


Installing Roon Server on a normally headless device is the way to go, esp. as it can be setup to automatically start.

Having installed Roon Sever, then if required Roon can also be installed on the same device. Roon in this case will just be operating as a Remote (GUI) connecting to the Roon Server Core and thus enabling local configuration / setup to take place.

Hope that helps.

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So, I just install a full copy of Roon on the same PC, but select it as remote. Then control all via windows remote desk top. That would work, last night listening was painful have to switch back and forth between Roon and WRD. I like this idea. Thank you.

Yes both Roon Server and Roon can be installed on the same server. Though, using WRD to control Roon is never going to be satisfactory for frequent use.

For regular use during music streaming Roon (as a remote) would be installed on another on PC or Mac (or the iOS/Android Roon App.) that are on your local network.

I came into this board looking for this exact response. I am new, but immediately though having the server run headless would be idea in case the visible app quits or the PC restarts. I’m running things currently on a desktop Windows machine and want to have both play and serving options minimizing my margin for error (quitting the app).

I just installed the server and while it had to re-import everything again, the users stayed which is cool. A nice bonus feature is that I can now play to my mobile device … well my Phone (Google Pixel XL) but my tablet (Pixel C) is not showing up as a possible end point which seems odd given the phone works.