Roon Server will not run on NAS [solved]

I have installed Roon Server on an SSD on a QNAP TS0451+ NAS following the procedure provided by Chris Riecke. When I open the Server app, I get an illustration of a hammer and nothing else (see scrrenshot)

I have re-installed, rebooted the NAS, etc.

Any ideas on how to proceed would be appreciated.

Your screenshot looks normal so far. Maybe the “Open” button is confusing, as there is nothing to open when it comes to RoonServer. RoonServer has no graphical Interface.
The next step to verify your installation succeeded is to connect to your RoonServer by a remote device.

Have you tried that already?
You can use your computer (that has the Roon Software installed) or a tablet/smartphone with (with the Roon app installed).

When you use your computer and start the Roon software, be careful NOT to click on the “Setup”-Button (“I want to use this computer to manage my music library”).
Instead click the second button (“I want to use this computer as a remote control.”)

Thanks. My problem was that I had not removed the Roon library residing on the iMac. I wasn’t able to get to the setup vs remote screen. Once I removed the library (actually renamed it xRoon, just in case I need to go back), everything works fine.

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