Roon Server with Audiolinux kernel 5.17.x and up

I’ve been running a Roon core on a dedicated server with AudioLinux as the base operating system pretty much rock solidly for a few years now, but I started getting regular crashes back in June. It would play for no more than 20 minutes before the remote would lose connection to the core and on checking the core I realised that the system had crashed completely with even the OS becoming unresponsive. I decided to try a clean install and that didn’t help, so having eliminated any potential hardware issues I contacted Piero at AudioLinux for assistance and he responded almost immediately to tell me to replace the latest 5.17 RT kernel I was currently using and revert to the 5.15 LTS RT kernel. I tried this and it has been back to working solidly again ever since.

My question is, Is Roon tested against the latest kernels as this is the first time I’ve had such an issue and I’ve always had the latest kernel rather than the LTS version installed, or should we be sticking with the LTS release?

I have been using LTS for a few years and have had no problems. From time to time, I also used the last kernel and still had no problems.
But why do you prefer the latest kernel versus LTS? Isn’t that riskier?

Clearly it has become apparent that it is more risky, but having been using the latest kernel release without any sorts of issues up until recently, that sparked my question as to whether Roon is tested against the latest available kernel before release, or whether it’s tested against the LTS kernel and whether this is a known issue being worked upon or not. Just seems strange that it’s only now I’ve encountered an issue necessitating a roll back.

I used the last kernel for a few hours and had no problems. Problems probably occur in an area of ​​Roon that you use, and I don’t. Or maybe from the hardware difference.

I believe e Roon is tested against Ubuntu lts.

This is my suggestion:

  1. Disable Roon with the option in Audio menu
  2. Install RT LTS kernel from Update menu
  3. Reboot
  4. Install or reinstall last Roon version
    After this Roon should be stable.
    This problem is not related to Audiolinux OS but probably to the fact that Roon have not been tested with last official linux kernels 5.17.x/5.18.x
    Audiolinux (and Archlinux ) are very stable systems. A system crash is very rare.
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Please check that after

sudo rm -rf /opt/RoonServer

the files are really deleted with

ls -l /opt/RoonServer

I have never reinstalled Archlinux in the system I am working now for many years and multiple PC.

But if you feel easier to reinstall, up to you…

I found this sudo guide that you can use.

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Did you find out the answer to your question?
Considering the recent appearance of the optimized kernel in AudioLinux (which does not use LTS), the question becomes very topical.