Roon Server with RPI 3B+

Hello. I would like to use my Raspberry Pi 3 as a roon server and control it with a tablet. (Only Tidal) But when I start the app on the tablet, he finds no device. I downloaded the zip file from IQAudio for my DAC and played it on the SD card. If I now connect the RPI 3 with the TV, I see a black picture with some command lines. There is everywhere “OK”. What I do not want anyway is to have to run an extra PC to stream Tidal, which I would find totally useless.

What do I have to do to get everything working?

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Roon Server will not run on anything other than Intel CPU - See the minimum specs needed here You can run a Roon Endpoint on RPi with most distributions but DietPi and Ropieee are the popular easty to setup ones.

ok thank you for your answer…

then i will go for a passive cooled pc.

Do take note of the specs needed with respect to your library size, number of endpoints and the DSP options you might want to invoke. Especially the DsP options like upsampling and convolution as these do demand more processing power.

Some work is detailed here on what works and what might not

Performance Matrix Roon Server

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