Roon Settings or sound improvement?

I have been using Roon for almost a year now, no complaint for me my question is, do i have a room for improvement in sound quality on my set up? I dont even know if my set up is right, here is my system
Nucleus plus on usb to Dac Toppings D90 on xlr cable to. Marantz 7703, xlr cable to Emotiva XPA DR2 amplifier & Monitor Audio Silver 500 floor standing speakers, so this is what i get when listening

Is there more improvement i should make?

If your happy why change. You could use DSP and Room eq to me it made a world of difference but others prefer not to. I can say that it’s the biggest fundamental improvement made in my system.


Your equipment seems more than adequate. You might consider room treatment to alter the sound to your liking.

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Based on your signal path you are using the non-MQA D90 in which case you should be using Roon’s core decoder with MQA capabilities set to none. If you are using the MQA D90 then you need to change capabilities to decoder and renderer (or enable core decoding and select renderer only if you want Roon to handle the first unfold).