Roon setup with Matrix Streamer/dac

Hi,i have a matrix audio Mini -i pro 3 streamer running the latest software which has roon support,have downloaded the Roon app on my ipad air and android phone but when i open the app it just says looking for your roon core and nothing happens and there is no menu available on the app to change anything ,both the matrix and ipad are both on the same network so i dont see why its not finding my streamer any ideas? thanks

Hi welcome Brian. Restarting the core usually fixed this.

Cheers John

Brian are you running Roons server software? The apps are just remote controls for the server they do not work without the Roon core server installed on a pc, Nas or bespoke audio server. Roon is a server client system.

Hi john tried that/ simon that may be it then the matrix dac/streamer is Roon certified and was under the impression i could use Tidal via Roon with the matrix so are you saying i need to install software on a pc as i only use chromebooks.

Yes. Roon is server product. It does explain how it works on the website.

You need the core server software installed on a pc this is the brains of Roon and manages all the content. The apps are for remote control of the core and endpoints (what you send music to). No way a phone app could do what Roon does it needs a lot of CPU power.

You can either use the desktop app or apps on phones tablets to configure it all and add the Roon enabled devices for playback.

If you only have Chromebooks then you out of luck. Needs windows, macos, Linux or runs on Nas devices from QNAP or Synology and some bespoke audio servers.

ok thanks simon for info

just a thought simon i have an asus tinkerbored i used to run volumio on before i got the matrix could i use that?

It might but not very well. Recommend specs are an i3 processor, it needs to be intel or AMD it does not support arm for the core. Slowrer CPU can work but it hinders a lot and you don’t get the most out of it. You also need an SSD to get the speed for the database or the user experience is severely hindered.

There is quite some useful information about the mini-i Pro3 in the MatrixAudio community board.

Cheers John.

ok thanks for your advice.